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The Firefighter of the new millennium is a fully trained and highly skilled professional. Modern equipment, methods and techniques are used to undertake a wide range of emergency activities associated with the preservation of life and property.

Individual Firefighters all have their own functions to complete, and each must be able to use their own judgment and foresight to help others and protect themselves.  You also need courage and dedication, assertiveness, and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges.  Each time Firefighters are called to emergencies, they must be prepared to use the skills they have developed through extensive and thorough training.

Legacy Regional Protective Service is always actively recruiting.  The personal rewards and satisfaction received from the fire and rescue service are often beyond description.  Accomplishment, compassion and fulfillment are only a few of the words member sue to describe their feelings about their volunteer position.

Legacy is also launching a Junior Program -  The Junior Program is designed for individuals at the age of 15 to come to the hall on training nights and weekends to train and be introduced to the fire service. The goal with this program is to have these junior members taught and ready to become certified fire fighters at the age of 18. The junior members do not respond to fire calls or are put into any dangerous situation. As the junior members advance and get closer to the full time membership age of 18, they may be used as a support person under the direct supervision of a senior member or officer.

Looking to be part of an exciting and dynamic team, to give back to the community and challenge yourself in a rewarding field of work?


Member Application



  • 75% attendance for regular scheduled training nights
  • 60% attendance for emergency response calls is required
  • Always behave  in a manner that reflects positively on me and the department as per Code of Conduct both on and off duty