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Emergency Alerts
Alert Ready

Alert_Ready_Logo Alert Ready is designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians through television and radio. The Alert Ready system is developed in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, Environment and Climate Change Canada, The Weather Network and the broadcasting industry and wireless service providers, to ensure you receive alerts immediately and know when to take action to keep yourself and your family safe.




Will all wireless devices receive emergency alerts?

No, In order for Emergency alerts to be received on a wireless device three conditions must be met. They are:

  • An LTE-device like a smartphone (LTE is commonly referred to as "4G LTE”;

  • Wireless public alerting compatible; and

  • Connected to an LTE cellular network at the time the emergency alert is issued.

Visit the Wireless section of to find a link to the section of your wireless service provider’s website that provides information on compatible devices.

Are there emergency alerts sent as a text message?

No. While the emergency alert may look like a text message it is not a text message.

Emergency alerts are sent via Cell Broadcast distribution. Cell Broadcast is a mobile technology that allows messages to be broadcast to all compatible wireless devices within a designated geographical area. Cell Broadcast is designed for simultaneous message delivery to multiple users in a specified area, and is not affected by network congestion because it uses dedicated part of the network, separate from that used for traditional voice and data traffic.

Cell Broadcast can be compared to radio broadcast. Radio towers broadcast music to people in defined geographic areas as long as the individuals can pick-up the broadcast signal and have their radios turned on. Cell Broadcast messages similarly are delivered to those compatible wireless devices that are within range of cell towers and antennas in the designated area. Location services do not have to be enabled on your wireless device to be able to receive alerts.

Government officials developed a specific list of the types of alerts that are considered a threat to life and should be "broadcast immediately" on television, radio and wireless devices.


This program DOES NOT replace SASKALERT, as only life threating

"broadcast immediately” alerts will be sent out through the alert ready program.


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