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Legacy Regional Protective Services proudly protects 3249 people living in an area of 1026 square kilometers. We operate out of three stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are paid volunteers. 

Regional Fire Service works to lead our region to emergency preparedness. We strive to deliver the best possible fire protection and safety services to avoid loss of life and property through prevention, education and response.  To this end it is the responsibility of the department to ensure fire and rescue services are available for all residents within its response area. The region is divided into two response areas which are served by three stations and over 45 highly trained volunteer firefighters, collectively as Legacy Regional Protective Services. The department maintains a fire fleet of X vehicles, three stations, communication systems, personal protective equipment and fire/rescue equipment.

The most important component of Legacy Regional Protective Services is the men and women who are dedicated to serve their community anytime and anywhere under difficult conditions. Volunteer Firefighter information includes how to get started and answers any questions you might have.