Social Committee

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With three stations spread across the region we have a large fire family.  Legacy Regional Protective Services has a Social Committee that is responsible for maintaining that fire family as well as managing many events we are called upon for within the region.  These events support each of the communities that our  members and their families go home to each day be it a festival, sporting event or private engagements.  Some events receive a donation to the Social Committee and those funds are used to host annual membership events as well as go to a fund we have setup for families within our protection area that have been displaced from their homes due to fire.

The committee is comprised of active members across our three stations. 

2019 Members are: Brody Leipert, Kim Sali, Alison Hazard, Kim Lines, Carey Boettcher and Kelsey Appleton.

Events Worked to date:

Private Function Clean-up Services

Community Events Medical Standby Services:
MidWest Snow Kings Sled Rally
StreetScapes & Heritage Day for the City of Lloydminster


You can contact the social committee via:



Issue 1 - August 2019