Council Submissions 

In order to be referred to the next regularly scheduled Council meeting a submission must be received on or before 12:00 noon of the Friday prior to the regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Delegations wishing to speak to Council, on a matter which is not on the agenda of a Council meeting, shall submit a written application to the Administrator outlining concisely the subject matter which the delegation wishes to place before Council before 12:00 noon on the Thursday before the next regularly scheduled Council meeting at which the delegation wished to speak.

- Each delegation shall be limited to one speaker, except where Council permits otherwise, and the total time allowed for any one delegation to make its presentation shall be Ten (10) minutes.

-Delegations shall be limited to the discussion of the subject matter received in the council submission.

A complete copy of the Council Procedure Bylaw No. 13-2015 can be found here.