Administration Overview
The Rural Municipality of Wilton consists of 1,042.31 square kilometres.   Located within the RM of Wilton are the Towns of Lashburn and Marshall and the Hamlet of Lone Rock.  The boundaries extend east to the RM of Eldon border, west to the Saskatchewan Alberta border, north tot he RM of Britannia border and south to the RM of Manitou Lake border.

May 14, 1905 the first meeting of the Wirral Improvement District was held.  By 1907 the first road equipment was purchased and consisted of 6 road scrapers for each township. 

In October of 1909 the Wirral Improvement District became the Rural Municipality of Marshall, and the first four bylaws were passed.  Bylaw No. 4 was for the purpose of raising debentures for $20,000.00 for building and improving roads.

By June of 1912 the RM of Wilton office was formed in Marshall SK where it remained until 1980.  The RM of Wilton Office is located 9 kilometres south of Marshall.

Oil and agriculture are the major industries in the RM of Wilton.  More than 1626 oil wells exist on some of the richest farmland in Western Canada.  The RM has a population of 1564 residents.

For current statistical information on the RM of Wilton check out the Statistics Canada 2011 Census Profile here.