Council members are elected for four year terms. The next municipal election will take place in 2020 for the position of Reeve, Division 1, Division 3, and Division 5 councilors.

2020 Nomination/Election Results:




Whereas a poll is not required pursuant to The Local Government Election Act, 2015 for the office of:


Division 1

Division 3

Division 5


I hereby give public notice that no voting for the said office will take place and that the following persons are elected by acclamation:


Elected by Acclamation First Call For Nominations:


Reeve Glen Dow

Division 1 – Sharon Carruthers

Division 3 – Les McDougall

Division 5 – Neil Reece

Reeve Glen Dow

 Dated at Wilton this 8th October , 2020



Darren Elder

Returning Officer




A person may be nominated as a candidate in a municipal election if he or she is:
  • at least 18 years of age on date of election;
  • a Canadian citizen;
  • eligible to vote in the municipality;
  • a resident of Saskatchewan; and
  • not disqualified from being nominated by this or any other Act.
A person cannot be nominated or elected as:
  • a councillor for more than one division; or
  • a councillor of a division and the reeve of the municipality.
Nomination Papers
Nomination Papers can be obtained from the municipal office. Nominations for Reeve must include a completed nomination form signed by at least 2 voters of the rural municipality.  
Nominations for councilor must include a completed nomination form signed by at least 2 voters of the division.
All nomination papers must include a completed Public Disclosure Statement; and a Criminal Record Check.