I would like to plant trees along my property - where should they be? 
Trees should NOT be within 200' of Center of the Road.
What are the Landfill hours?
The landfill hours vary depending on the time of year.  Landfill hours and contact information can be found by viewing the Landfill webpage by clicking here.

Can you tell me who owns a specific piece of land within the RM?
No, because of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act we can't tell you that.  You can come in to the RM office and look it up or purchase an RM map and find it yourself.

Do I still need a burning permit in the winter?
Yes.  A burning permit is required year round.  Please contact the municipal office for permits 1-306-387-6244.

Does the municipality offer snowplow services for private lanes?
No.  the municipality does not snowplow on any private property.
Does the municipality sell new and/or used Culverts?
No.  The municipality orders product as needed and does not keep old culverts for resale.  Culverts can be sourced through Holt's Powder River Sales (780) 875- 4658.
Who looks after Township Road 472 from Highway 17 to Lone Rock?
Saskatchewan Government Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Lloydminster Office 1-306-825-6486 North Battleford Office 1-306-446-7750.

When can I expect my tax notice?
The tax notices are typically mailed in Spring of each year for the calendar year.  Watch home page for notification of mailing.

When are taxes due?
Taxes are due on December 31 of each year.  As of January 1 the current tax amount becomes arrears and a penalty of 1% is added to the tax account on the first of each month.

Is there a discount for paying taxes early?
Yes.  There are several discount periods offered with varying % discounts. Please Refer to your current Tax Notice for current years discount periods and applicable discounts.   

How many residences are allowed on my property?
The current RM of Wilton bylaws allows for one residence per parcel.  Please contact Development Services for further information at 1-306-387-6244.

How do I get a School Bus Stop sign at my property?
School bus sign requests are to go to the school division who will send them to the municipality after they have approved it.  Attached is a link to the School Bus Stop Ahead Manual and installation request form.

How many People live in Lone Rock and Wilton?
For current census information on Lone Rock click here
For current census information on Wilton click here.

Can I run a business from my home or Farm?
Home based business and Farm based business have different rules and regulations.  Both must be approved by council prior to commencing the business.
For more information please contact Development Services at 1-306-387-6244 for more information.

Can I build an Approach for my Driveway?
All access to municipal roads must be approved by the Municipality prior to construction.  Please contact Development Serivces at 1-306-387-6244 for more information. 
I have a 'pest' animal (e.g. Raccoon, Badger etc.) what can I do?
The RM of Wilton appoints a Pest Control Officer each year to prevent rat infestation. The Pest control Officer is hired by contract to conduct tours of the entire municipality each year.  They are responsible for identifying rat infested sites, setting up bait stations, monitoring these sites, keeping accurate records and time sheets, making annual reports to council and educating the ratepayers on identifying rat infestation and eradication and control measures. 

For pest control relating to all pests, except for rats, here is a couple service providers that may be privately contracted to remove  pests from areas within the municipality:

Glen McGladdery (306) 823 - 7104 - Glen is the appointed RM Pest Control Officer currently.

S.C.A.T! Pest Control  https://www.scatpestcontrol.com Phone  (780) 871-1612    Email: calharper@sasktel.net


Why are newly surfaced roads often showing failures quickly?

While admittedly not always perfect, the surfaced road are now carrying primary weight, and are much better than gravel providing dust free all weather surfaces.

When failures appear is it because there was bad pavement or were they not prepped properly?

  • Materials are tested per application for specifications

  • The stabilization product being used is still newer to us and we continue to learn its best mixes and applications as each road and substructure can be unique

  • 2 years of high water levels have played a significant role

  • We continually review depth of strengthening and compaction

  • In 2018 we have applied what we have learned and  are producing  better results


How long do the pebbles stay on chipseal?

Although we use chipseal equipment the patches are much coarser than conventional  chipseal to add carrying capacity.  WE do not have any near term plans to remove the pebbles.  They will be brushed off with the first snow plow activity.

When will pavement failures be fixed?

The surfaced roads where we have patched are mostly subsoil failures.  90% or better of the road was effectively carrying the weights.  From Marshall South on 688 will have a second lift to at least TWP 480 this year.  Next year we will evaluate how roads have come through the winter with the intention of adding a lift on most of them in 2019.

From a complete infrastructure collapse 10 years ago - Wilton roads are a great improvement over what they once were. Wilton continually seeks solutions to provide as many all weather surfaces as we can.  We do not see failures as a problem – rather they help us to adjust the products and procedures to our soil types (which vary throughout the RM).  We could stick to tried and true methods, however this would have yielded approximately 10% of the surfaced roads we boast today.  We aim to win.

Council Entered into an agreement with Reeve Dow ("Dow") to purchase gravel located on his land.  Please explain the process that was followed to ensure that there was no conflict of interest and the ratepayers were protected.
Click here for a detailed explanation.  For the additional resources click here.