Depending on the type of development and/or subdivision you are applying for there are many different municipal policies, bylaws and provincial legislation that must be considered.  Below is a breif description of some of the different laws that must be considered when a development or subdivision application is submitted.

Wilton is constantly evolving; policies and bylaws are continually being amended, updated, removed and/or replaced.  Please note that the versions of the bylaws and policies on this website may not be the most recent.  If you have any questions or concerns, or would like confirmation of rules and policies please contact the muncipiality directly at 1-306-387-6244.

Planning and Development Act, 2007
The Saskatchewan Planning and Development Act, 2007 is the provincial legislation which empowers municipalities to govern the development of lands within their boundaries.  For more information please refer to the act.

Official Community Plan
An Official Community Plan (OCP) describes the long-range objectives through guidelines for growth and development of the municipality over a multiple decade span.  

The Rural Munipality of Wilton has 2 separate Official Community Plans, one for the Lloydmisnter Planning District, and one for the portion of the municipality outside of the Lloydminster Planning District.

 Wilton Lloydminster Planning District (LPDC) 
Wilton Official Community Plan  LPDC Official Community Plan 
 Wilton Future Land Use Map - Updated  LPDC Future Land Use Map

Zoning Bylaw
Wilton's Zoning Bylaws regulate land use and buildings.  The Zoning Bylaw is the main tool used to guide development to meet the long term goals established in the Official Community Plan.  This is done through detailed regulations on land use and development standards. 

The Rural Munipality of Wilton has two (2) separate Zoning Bylaws (one for each Official Community Plan).
 Wilton Lloydminster Planning District (LPDC) 
Wilton Zoning Bylaw
Wilton Zoning Map 1 - Updated  LPDC Future Land Use Map
 Wilton Zoning Map 2 - Updated LPDC Zoning Map 
Bylaw Amendments
Depending on the details of your subdivision and/or development a bylaw amendment may be required.  The most common bylaw amendment is a rezone.  This is to change the designated land use of your property (e.g. from agricultural to industrial).  In order to apply for a bylaw amendment a signed application must be submitted with the following information.
1. A detailed sketch of the affected property (if applicable) showing all buildings, well, septic systems, access and physical features.  A Real Property Report may be required at the discretion of the municipality.

2. A copy of title of the title of the affected property dated no more than 30 day prior to the date that the application is received by the municipality.  Titles are available from Information Services Corporation (ISC).

3. An explanation of what your proposal is, what specific bylaw you are requesting amended, and why a bylaw amendment is necessary for your development plans.

4. Payment for the bylaw amendment application as per the Planning and Development Fee Bylaw.

5. For complex developments a Comprehensive Development Application may be required at the discretion of the municipality.  for more information please contact the Development Services Department.

To schedule a meeting with the Development Services Department, please call our office at 1-306-387-6244.
Other Planning Policies: