Wilton Compliance Division
The Municipal Compliance Division operating as Wilton Police, has a common goal of increased visibility and traffic enforcement, with a focus on Commercial Vehicles.  The goal is to improve traffic safety in the RM by reducing the high rates of speed and the overweight loads, protect the public infrastructure and provide visible patrols to prevent property crime; the goal is making our roads and community a safer place to work and live.

Ron Kucher manages the Compliance Division and works with the Enhanced policing ensuring strong visibility and enforcement. Ron is a retired RCMP member with thirty years service, posted to the R.M. through the Commissionaires.  Since the inception of the Compliance Division in July of 2013, Ron notes that there has been significant improvements whereby the speeds on the roads have slowed, more of the heavy vehicles are hauling legal weights, are obtaining permits and keeping safety requirements.



Please ensure the security of your property, using locks and lights etc. as appropriate. Traffic safety is everyone's responsibility, please respect the traffic laws and drive with caution. 


For Emergencies always contact 911





What is Legacy Regional Protective Services

Legacy Regional Protective Services is a system to combine fire departments forming a larger organization under one administration, governance model and set of policies. It forms one fire department with resources and manpower located in different geographic locations (Town of Lashburn, Town of Marshall and RM of Wilton). This regional response to emergencies offers a higher level of protective services for our citizens.

The forming of a regional response maximizes resources and efficiencies in the following ways:

 Common administration reduces hours of our valued volunteers concerning documentation, filing reports and maintenance of equipment.
 Standardized command structure allows for the release of excessive units and manpower.
 Volunteers are released back to jobs and their family in an efficient manner
 Standardized levels of training and expertise
 Pooled personnel and resources which lowers long term costs and expenditure


Legacy has been working on opening doors and lines of communications between departments and is undergoing the following activities:

 Inventory and testing of current equipment
 Determining life span and replacement timelines on existing equipment
 Developing an annual maintenance program
 Standardizing member training: increased opportunities for training
 Analyzing and harmonizing standard operating guidelines




What does the future hold?

Legacy will continue to strengthen the internal workings, networking and open communications. Some of the short term goals are a first responder course and public education during fire prevention week where we look forward to some school visits.


The support from councils (Town of Lashburn, Town of Marshall and RM of Wilton) to make this type of service possible has been unmatched. Thank you for the great support of your volunteers.


The Council Committee and Interim Chief Kevin Shortt are well along the way to making long-term plans for protective services and look forward to working with the Towns of Marshall and Lashburn as we develop this important opportunity.


The work already completed by the formation of Legacy Regional Protective Services was the proud recipient of the 2016 Regional Cooperation Award awarded by SMA (Saskatchewan Municipal Awards).


Emergency Management


Emergency preparedness is a crucial step for the communities’ public safety. The role of EMO coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the emergency program for the Municipality.   The Municipality is completing the first draft of the Emergency Response Plan and coordinating with resources to establish a well operating machine that will run efficiently in the case an emergency does occur. The Emo Coordinator will be reaching out to the community in the near future for assistance in making a comprehensive list of resources available within the RM to aid in the chance an emergency does occur. Strong links with the Emergency Management Fire Safety Organization, that runs provincially, have been established.

Emergency Management in all jurisdictions across Canada is undergoing a great deal of rethinking, restructuring, and rebuilding. Today, emergency management is thought of as a comprehensive, integrated approach involving mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Emergency Management is the function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. Seeks to promote safer, less vulnerable communities with the capacity to cope with hazards and disasters.

Karly Betton is the EMO coordinator for the Rural Municipality of Wilton working with the Legacy Regional Protective Services. She has received her B.A from Vancouver Island University, with a major in Physical Geography and a minor in History. Through her education she has received training in GIS and Remote Sensing. Her education has also taken her to various communities including Belize where she aided in drafting the community plan for a village in the area, where her area of focus were roads, infrastructure and disaster planning.

She has been with the Rural Municipality for 4 years working with Public Works and Development Services working with GIS. Her experience working out in the field will be beneficial throughout the Emergency Management process. Not only is familiarity with the area and the road systems beneficial but her knowledge of GIS and providing geography based information will be a positive attribute to



Regional Chief - Kevin Shortt (306) 307 - 2076

EMO Coordinator - Karly Betton (306) 307 - 2585

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