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Each municipality, especially the Rural Municipality of Wilton, strive to provide the best possible roads at the best possible cost.

Our growth in personnel and equipment came from our experiences in 2003 through 2006.  During that time we had a single crew that did everything.  They looked after the gravel roads, then switched to looking after the surface roads, then switched again to do construction.  Often one area was being neglected in order to do another job.  While our staff was working hard at every job, we were failing to achieve acceptable outcomes.  With the increasing growth of oil wells, a single crew could no longer do all of the work required.  Council's decision was to create three separate crews to tackle the jobs of gravel maintenance, surfaced road maintenance, and construction.  This meant  that we can now do three things at once, so nothing was falling apart while we work on another task.  

This also required more equipment so that each crew had tools to do their job.  Construction was one area where we at first contracted, and we still did earthwork, but preparing surfaced roads, especially using cement/fly-ash as a strengthening compound required good quality control.  When we could not achieve the timing and quality we wanted through contracting we opted to build our own crew for surfaced road construction.  As paved surfaces grew we needed to learn how to repair them in a timely manner.  Surfaced roads provide good long term cost savings on high traffic roads, but only if they're maintained well.  In 1980 we would expect a hot-mix road to give us 15 years of service before any significant maintenance.  Today with increased heavy traffic a hot-mix road often requires maintenance starting anywhere from year 3 to year 6.  On gravel roads we have moved from using a 3/4 inch gravel to a 1 inch gravel.  This product carries heavy traffic much better.  

Cost efficiencies come from doing the right thing, at the right time, with the right tools, and the right skills. The Rural Municipality may have more people and more equipment than other municipalities, but it is done in order to meet Wilton's goal to provide the best possible roads.

Weights, Permits, and Road Bans
For the most current information on our roads, please visit the Northwest Municipal Services website.

The RM of Wilton No. 472 (RM) is currently completing Mulching along Municipal Right of Ways (RM land adjacent to road surface) for safety purposes in ensuring adequate sightline visibility. 

If you have an area within Municipal Right of Way that you would like the RM to address please submit the Application form below.

The RM will not provide this service on private land or private laneways (other than at an access approach entrance).



The RM of Wilton appoints a Pest Control Officer each year to prevent rat infestation. The Pest control Officer is hired by contract to conduct tours of the entire municipality each year.  They are responsible for identifying rat infested sites, setting up bait stations, monitoring these sites, keeping accurate records and time sheets, making annual reports to council and educating the ratepayers on identifying rat infestation and eradication and control measures. 

For pest control relating to all pests, except for rats, here is a couple service providers that may be privately contracted to remove  pests from areas within the municipality:


Glen McGladdery (306) 823 - 7104 - 2019 RM appointed Pest Control Officer.


S.C.A.T! Pest Control Phone  (780) 871-1612    Email: