The Public Works Department deals with the maintenance of infrastructure within the Municipality. Keeping roads well maintained, safe and accessible is a year-round priority.

The Department handles such things as  gravel application, road maintenance, ditching and approaches, signage, overweight permits, dust control, flood control, and snow removal.

Road repairs are the focus for Municipal crews during the first few weeks of spring. 


Gravel Road Maintenance

The RM of Wilton continually monitors road conditions and explores emerging technologies and processes to keep our roads in the best possible standards to maintain public safety while providing timely response to service requests.
The RM is divided into three areas for our grader fleet to maintain with approximately 80 - 100 miles in each area.
Each operator is responsible for approximately 8 - 10 miles minimum per day responsible for:
  • road grading
  • shaping
  • adding material
  • removing washboards and potholes
The frequency in which roads are graded are base don traffic volumes (see below), activity on the road (what is physically travelling the road), and necessity (i.e. Bus Route, # of Residents, Agriculture etc.)

Classification based on Traffic Count:

  • <=100 vehicles/day : 4 - 18 times annually or as needed
  • <= 200 vehicles/day: twice/wk or as needed
  • Farm Access roads biannually or upon request (please request a minimum of 1 week ahead to ensure service)

During winter months we haul and stock-pile gravel to logistically improve the up-coming years graveling and construction program.

Surfaced Roads

The Municipality has worked diligently to employ the use of innovative products, technologies and practices to allow us to continue our aggressive strengthening and paving program within modest budgets.  The soil stabilization pilot project from 2016 had successful results and has reshaped the way these works are completed.  This application of technology and product allows us to complete a greater number of KM's of stabilization and paving at a greatly reduced overall cost both in efficiencies and finances.
Council has established a Strategic Plan for road construction. This plan establishes which roads will be a priority for upgrading each year. This plan is reviewed by Council on an annual basis to ensure that it still meets the needs of the Municipality.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is a rehabilitation method used to keep excess water or moisture from penetrating asphalt and to prevent further cracking and deterioration of Municipal roads. Crack sealing is scheduled to be completed throughout the summer construction season from approximately May to August of each year.
  • Crack sealing prolongs the lifespan of the asphalt by creating permanent seals.
  • Roads requiring crack-sealing are prioritized on an ongoing basis.
  • Approximately 20,000 square metres of sealant is applied each year.
  • It can be done very quickly and roads can be driven on shortly after sealing is completed, keeping traffic disruptions and closures to a minimum.

Pothole Patching

Potholes that develop on hard surfaced roads are a fact of life in our climate. Freeze thaw cycles and rainy weather all contribute to the development of potholes (as does the amount of traffic on a road). The majorities of potholes develop around the spring thaw period but do continue to develop in periods when there is a significant amount of moisture.

Patching crews commence work in the early spring and carry on as needed until the fall freeze up.

To report a pothole call the office 306-387-6244  or submit a Service Request (available 24/7)

Culvert Upgrades and Repairs

Culverts serve an important function in the management of water flow in Wilton. They are typically built under roads, approaches, highways, structures, or pathways to prevent runoff and allow the movement of water underneath.
Public Works department routinely inspects and repairs damaged culverts. In recent years, Wilton has upgraded the diameter of select culverts to improve stormwater management and reduce flooding issues in some areas.  While most culverts needing repair or replacement are identified by Public Works staff, residents can also report a problem if they notice excess water build-up on their property.

Snow Clearing and Sanding

Wilton strives to plow and sand all Municipal roads in a timely manner; however we do follow a priority sequence when plowing.  The main corridors and school bus routes are done first, followed by the steepest roads and collector roads.  Remaining roads are completed in a route that makes the most efficient use of resources.

There are two Plow Truck Area's serviced by 4 Plow Trucks as required, and three Grader Plow Area's served by 3 Graders.  Additional resources are added where needed based on conditions.

When snow is falling or there is potential for ice on the roads, the snow removal crew will be out on the roads plowing or sanding as the weather demands.  Please be patient with snow removal equipment as they are often driving well below the speed limit for safety.

Plow Truck Area 1

Plow Truck Area 2 


Grader Area 1


Grader Area 2


Grader Area 3