A subdivision is a division of land that will result in the creation of a surface parcel or the rearrangement of the boundaries or limits of a surface parcel. It also includes the removal of a parcel tie that links two or more parcels together so as to prevent those parcels from being individually dealt with in the land registry. All subdivision applications must be submitted through a Saskatchewan Land Surveyor to be approved by the Ministry of Government Relations, a ministry of the provincial government of Saskatchewan; the approving authority on subdivisions. Please click here for the application form. 

If you are interested in subdividing in Wilton, we recommend that the first thing you do is contact the Development Services Department to discuss your options regarding the subdivision you want and have it reviewed by Municipal Council, prior to seeking approval from Community Planning. Municipal review is one step of achieving Community Planning approval, and having this done in advance can speed up the approval process. Applications can be complicated, and Community Planning will return applications that do not meet requirements without processing them. During the review of an application it may be determined that additional information and/or fees may be required. By discussing with our Development Services Department, you can be properly prepared and avoid potential delays.

Please call our office at 1-306-387-6244.
A complete application to the Community Planning Department must include: 
1.    A completed Application to Subdivide Land form;
2.    A Plan of Proposed Subdivision; (This must be prepared by a SK Land Surveyor)
3.    A current copy of the title to the land;
4.    Payment covering the appropriate fees (Fees are not required by Wilton for subdivision); and
5.    Any other document required by Community Planning such as a utility declaration form.

There is a non-refundable examination fee per proposed lot to be subdivided as well as a separate fee for issuing a Certificate of Approval.  Fees should be included in the application and made payable to the Minster of Finance.  The RM of Wilton does not charge for Subdivision Applications

Right of Way Aquisition:
Due to the high traffic counts on all municipal roads within the RM of Wilton, Council is being proactive in having lands dedicated at the time of subdivision for future road widening. Please click here for the Acquisition of Land for Road Widening Policy for more information. As a condition of your subdivision approval, the acquisition of Road Widening by the RM must be agreed to. Wilton pays $2000.00 per acre for Road Widening acquired. Surveyor fees are the land owner’s responsibility, however the $2000.00 per acre more than compensates for the surveyor fees in most cases. 

New Subdivision Regulations:
As of July 2014, all oil and gas facilities as defined in the "Oil and Gas Conservation Regulations 2012”, within 500 meters of any parcel to be created or modified by a subdivision must be shown on any Plan of Proposed Subdivision submitted to Community Planning. All wells or facilities including existing, proposed or abandoned sites within 125 meters of proposed subdivision boundaries will not be approved by Community Planning. However, the Minister of the Economy may approve a subdivision within 125 meters of the above mentioned wells or facilities, or may impose conditions including but not limited to requiring that the proposed subdivision be located at a greater distance than 125m from above mentioned wells and facilities. This will affect processing and approval timelines. 

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