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New High-Speed Internet Service available in Wilton

Starting in December of 2017 businesses and residents within the RM of Wilton will have access to a new wireless service which will provide Wi-Fi services into areas of the RM where options are greatly limited. Subscribers will pay an all inclusive monthly fee which  provides a set amount of bandwidth across the SWIFT-NET system.


"Businesses within the RM of Wilton have long needed wireless communications between offices and other facilities. In partnership with Today’s Technology, we are now able to provide this much needed service...” - Glen Dow, Reeve


Q: Who can use this andwhat does it cost?

A:  Currentlyservices are available to residents and businesses, including farms within the RM of Wilton boundary. The cost of the service is $79.99 per month and provides 10mb/s of wireless access.


Q: Is there an install cost?

A:  Yes.  Currently installations are subject to a $250 install fee.


Q:What equipment is required?

A:  The installation covers off bringing the service to your location, all hardware needed to make use of the internet within your business/house is additional (e.g. Wireless routers etc.) . Today's Technology can advise what is required for your desired setup and provide these items at an additional fee.


Q: Is it available throughout the whole RM?

A:  Currently no. The install location must have line of site to the Lashburn Seed Cleaning Plant and RR 3271 at TWP 480.  Over the next few months the coverage area will be greatly expanded.


Q: Is the RM paying for this?

A:  No. Today’s Technology of Saskatoon, is providing the equipment, knowledge and support for the service. The RM of Wilton is receiving a portion of the revenues in a revenue sharing agreement.


Q: How do I proceed?

A:  Please fill out the form below.  This will be submitted and a technician will contact you to start the process of a complimentary Sight Survey.