Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Wilton No. 472


Commencing Monday June 26th @ 5:00 a.m.
Range Road 3265 (Grid 688) from Marshall working South

Township 492 from Range Road 3250 West to
Highway 16 -   Crews will return to 492 please watch for updates.

Please contact the office or watch the website for updates.
Please watch for Signage and use Alternative Routes.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


RR 3261 from Hwy 16 to TWP 490 - is now OPEN with current Weight Restrictions of 85%.

Please note the following Roads that are closed to traffic and STRICTLY ENFORCED:

- RR 3281 North of  TWP 461 - FLOODED AND CLOSED 
- TWP 484 for 1 mile West of RR 3275


The annual Ditch Mowing and Hay Salvage Program will make hay available at no cost on provincial highway ditches. This helps control brush and weeds, which maintains sightlines for motorists on curves and intersections. The program also optimizes snow storage in ditches, which reduces drifting on the road’s surface during the snowy winter months.
The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is once again planning an early mowing program between June 7 and July 15 along high traffic roads.
Priority for cutting and bailing highway ditches is given to the adjacent landowner before July 8. However, after July 8, the hay can be recovered by anyone, without the permission of the adjacent landowner. This is providing that salvage operations haven’t already begun.
For those who participate in the program, hay should be cut at a uniform height in the ditches and bales must be placed no less than eight metres away from the shoulder of the highway.  The Ministry may remove hay bales in locations deemed dangerous for motorists. As well, all hay bales need to be removed by Aug. 8, otherwise they will be subject to removal by the Ministry.
Ministry contractors will mow a four-metre-wide swath along shoulders adjacent to Highways 1, 7, 11, 16 and 39, along with portions of Highways 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10. During this time, mowing may also be completed near some highway intersections and interchanges, railway crossings and tourism facilities.
Contractors will also conduct regular ditch mowing, cutting  all four-lane highways between July 15 and the fall months. The four-metre-wide strip will be mowed adjacent to the other highways with additional mowing possible as required.
For more information, contact your nearest Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure office or email communicationsHI@gov.sk.ca


The Spring Edition of Municipal Matters is now available.


 Effective 12:01 am Monday May 8, 2017  travel on RM of Wilton #472 municipal roads will be permitted at Wilton Secondary Weight (approximately equivalent to Sask Secondary Weight - 85%), unless otherwise posted.
Please note the following conditions:
· Travel on roads with permanent weight restrictions is still permitted at the posted limit, unless a Letter of Permission is obtained from the NWMS permit office.
- All overweight permits and Restricted Road Access Letters of Permission remain at 85%. Revocation of these may occur if further bans are enacted.
· Tri Steer permits are available by special permission only. Please call NWMS permit office for more information.
· Please be aware that steer axle weight will be part of GVW for penalty purposes.

Please visit www.nwroadpermits.com  or http://www.rmwilton.ca  for daily updates.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 306-387-6800 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Map View
Road Order 


Tax Notices were mailed out Friday April 28, 2017.

Early discounts will be applied on Municipal Taxes as follows:
Month Discount
Up to June 30 3%
July 31 2%
August 31 1%
Sept - December 31 0%

Please note that there are several payment options available for your convenience: Preauthorized Debit through your Financial Institution, Credit card in the office or via phone, Cheque and Interact.

Residential Exemptions in Rural Municipalities

If you occupy a dwelling in the RM of Wilton, you may qualify for an exemption to REDUCE all or a portion of the taxable assessment on your principal dwelling, as per section 293 of The Municipalities Act. Dwellings located within hamlets are excluded.

The total taxable assessment of any agricultural land you own or lease located within the RM of Wilton, or an adjoining Saskatchewan rural municipality, will be applied to reduce your residential taxable assessment.

An affidavit listing land owned or leased within the municipality or adjoining municipalities must be completed and returned to the assessor.

Affidavit Form

Please contact the office with any questions.


2016 Summary Financial Statement is available for review.  CLICK HERE

If you have any questions please contact the Municipal Office at (306) 387-6244


​​The 2017 Shelterbelt Program from HELP's new 160 acre tree farm a few miles outside of Weyburn.  HELP has produced and harvested an unprecedented 600,000 container root tree seedlings for the 2017 program. 

Tree Order Form:  Click Here

Type of Trees
I am pleased to inform that 100% of the trees provided for the 2017 program are container root trees produced at HELP nurseries at Weyburn.  Container root seedlings are considered by many to be far superior to bare root varieties for the reason that container root seedlings can be transported and planted while dormant or while in full leaf during the growing season.  However, spring or fall planting are still considered the best options. As per promise, the HELP subsidized rate of $1.50 per seedling for shelterbelt quantities of 300 trees or more combining all varieties ordered continues. Price is $2.50 per seedling for global orders less than 300 seedlings. HELP will not consider orders less than 50 trees global order.  This helps to protect smaller private greenhouse interests.  

Methods of Ordering
There are several ways of ordering trees. To order trees the public can: 
i) purchase on line at www.help-shelterbelts.com and click on 'Store'
ii) download the application form which can be manually filled out and faxed or emailed or mailed to HELP with a cheque payment or with credit card information for payment. 

iii) make a telephone order by calling HELP at 306-842-2433

Varieties of Trees
In this second year of utilizing 100% HELP produced trees, HELP focused on sustaining our 600,000 tree production of the fastest growing hybrid poplar and willow varieties only. These included
Hybrid Poplars:  Walker, Okanese, Hill and Assiniboine (and Northwest and Tristis for internal production only)
Willow Varieties: Golden, Silverleaf, Laurel, Silver, Clump Shrub Willow, Bamboo spreading shrub willow 
and Pussy Willow.
These varieties, properly planned can create the quickest possible shelterbelt.
In addition HELP has the following container root conifer tree seedlings available: 

Conifer Varieties:  American Elm, Scots Pine, Blue Spruce and White Spruce.

Lowest Maintenance Tree Planting Suggestion
The lowest maintenance tree planting involves planting the trees, then installing plastic mulch film by machine that HELP can loan out (HELP also sells the plastic mulch film) and lastly broadcast and harrow 30 lb per acre or more of common creeping red fescue.  Costs for the 50 lb of fescue for this is about $109. Plastic mulch for this 2,000 meter (500 meter x four rows) planting woudl be 4.33 rolls of mulch ...meaning 5 rolls of mulch at $192.50 per roll including taxes = $962.50.  Alberta and Manitoba customers can purchase mulch from vendors in their provinces to save on freight. 


The R.M. of Wilton is now accepting Applications.

There have been changes to the Dust Control Policy for 2017 whereby the R.M. will continue to subsidize the cost of dust control for our residents implementing a small fee of  $100  per site (200 lineal meters) for the service.

Full payment is required at the time of application. 

All Applications and payments must be received by June 16th, 2017.

Application can be obtained by clicking 2017 DUST CONTROL APPLICATION or at the Municipal Office Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.


All oilfield companies who wish to pump water from their well lease into the municipal ditch must adhere to the following:

Municipality must be made aware of:
      • Location of wellsite (legal land description)
      • Exact location (Range Road/Township Road) of where water will be pumped
      • When pumping will start (date)
      • Water must be tested and the test results given to the municipality before any pumping starts

Municipality will review the request to pump, review the road to ensure there are no blocked/plugged/frozen culverts, and will ensure no-one downstream will be adversely affected by the excess water entering the municipal ditch.

Please send all requests to one of the following:
• Cindy Schreiber, Public Works Administrator pwoffice@rmwilton.ca
• Liz Bailey, Public Works Assistant pwast@rmwilton.ca
• Wendy Lebo, Public Works Assistant pwa@rmwilton.ca

Note: DO NOT pump any water into the municipal ditch until approval is given


Please use the link to read the Annual Britannia Wilton Rural Crime Watch Newsletter RCWAnnual News Letter 2017 - Issue #22

Please note currently NOT taking any new memberships.



Please be advised that the Wilton Energy Park is on a Boil Water Advisory until further notice.


The R.M. has a tree Mulcher, Planter, and Grain Bag Roller available to all ratepayers. Plastic for the Mulcher can be purchased through the R.M.

Grain Bags are accepted at the Regional Landfill.

Booked first come first serve – call the office today to book either piece of equipment as it books fast!

Grain Bag Roller available for rental
. Bags accepted at the Wilton Regional Landfill.